Just in case

FEBRUARY 23, 2010

Talk around town is, the "adjustments" to our business fed by changes in technology and multiplied by the contraction in the economy, might not be just a temporary "blip" in our otherwise satisfying and rewarding careers. Students and professionals are asking where illustration is headed. Educators who teach illustration are questioning the validity of rubrics based upon outmoded business models and, lately, I hear from some savvy art directors and designers that they too are beginning to see the "writing on the screen."


In times like these, I think it is very useful to look at the big picture, realize that change is incumbent upon all of us and vigorously pursue a bountiful future, using the creative thinking which we have always applied to our assignements.


While the venues for applied art are changing, I believe the need will never diminish as long as vision and imagery is used as a means of communication. Nearly everything that exists can be imbued with meaning and value by the eloquent application of imagery. In fact, no small number of things are valued based upon the cogency of their formal appearance alone.


So, look around you and see the ubiquity of things in ever-increasing quantities which can beneift from your skills, once reserved for the rapidly declining printed page. But, don't just sit around, hoping for an invitation. "All things come to him who waits" is propaganda to mollify the competition from folks who are out there hustling right now.


Herewith, some recent examples of my efforts to remain viable:

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