Robots, robots and (finally) robots

DECEMBER 17, 2009

If it's not enough that I already love drawing pictures, add to that drawing pictures of one of my favorite subjects and getting paid to do it! Along comes this assignment that talks about the internet gaining intelligence (I can't wait to see that happen), and the AD thinks a portrayal of a robot will do justice to the story. So in the honored tradition of Gort, Robby, B-9, R2D2, C3PO, Andrew Martin, T-800 and the gentle and sensitive ED 209, I proceed to construct my concept of web-based intelligent life.

CFO of the (near) future giving the "hi" sign the the web software agent that seamlessly coordinated her airline tickets, rental car and hotel reservations for that important out-of town-meeting.

As if by kismet, I happen to also be working on my holiday greeting at the same time. Knowing I like to get involved in projects that are way too complicated and unpredictable, girlfriend Setsuko says, "why don't you bake gingerbread cookies for everyone?" I toss this idea around for a while, realizing that the task of baking, decorating, packaging and sending dozens of fragile, perishable items may even be too crazy for me. Enter my daughter Anna, a CO2 laser cutter and the opportunity to have anything I make in Illustrator cut out of plastic. Ohmygod! I can make a mold of a gingerbread character in any shape I wish!

The rest is now history. Well, history after five hours of meticulously glueing together miniscule fragments of nearly invisible plastic, 25 pounds of flour, gallons of molasses, boxes and boxes of brown sugar, tubs of shortening and a myriad of festive spices that is.

left: the postcard quickly printed in case plan "B" was required, middle: acrylic die laser cut from Illustrator outline file, right: the goods (baked, that is).

Finally, all this robot talk has reminded me to invite any of you Drawgeraters who haven't already, to put one of your robot illustrations on the internet's oldest living robot archives. Lots of hits. Email and web links included. RGB jpegs in the realm of 600 x 600 pixels cheerfully accepted.

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