An anniversary...

MAY 27, 2009

This year marks the tenth time Mary Zisk has trusted me with the cover of the annual career issue of Strategic Management magazine. Mary is one of those art directors who actually trusts you. That kind of confidence always brings out the best in me based upon the "no excuses" syndrome. (note: your "page down" button will come in handy here).

1999, fun with dimension
2000, a possible new script face?
2001, the global perspective
2002, the time honored "large letter postcard"
2003, a cover or art deco serving tray?
2004, ah, the vintage billhead
2005, reflecting on the year in accounting
2006, the heavywieght champ at 37.6 MB
2007, the old west?
2008, gave in to the temptation of effects filters