Reflections on ICON 5

JULY 15, 2008
Pelavin running out of time in his session on Self-promotion
Attended: V.I.P. party, mingled with "celebrity illustrators," saw incredible art done in Maya by Ray Ceasar at The Jonathon LeVine Gallery Steven Guarnaccia was the perfect gentleman and introduced me to many of my oldest and best friends. Got to chat with a lot of friends who assist me in plying my trade including Adobe, Adbase, Wacom, Workbook, The Graphic Artist Guild and the Society of Illustrators (they still haven't found a way to keep Terry from sneaking back into the building and trying to sit at his old desk). Learned that it wasn't Juliette Lewis-Robin (her native American name) who determined that my work wasn't "edgy" enough for Alt Pick Opening keynote, Stanley Hainsworth is pleased when his art takes on a life of its own. Still wonder how he could have relatives in executive positions at Lego, Nike and Starbucks. Opening night reception, The Halftones were excellent as always. Don Kilpatrick assembled the most awesome library of art and illustration books, bags, games and sundries that I've ever seen in one place. Come Together: Networkinbg Pioneers, Zimm was frank and hilarious. Gave my presentation: Self-promotion in a Saturated Market, accidentally shut of my lapel mic, Lauren D. quickly provided a hand mic with a built in lisp, knocked over a glass of water on the stage, all in all not a total disaster. Making Fire: Inspirational Teaching, Rudy Gutierrez was spectacular and inspiring. Closing Keynote, Did anyone tell O'Callaghan it was a conference about Illustration? Carnival Carioca, The lovely Setsuko and I danced until they kicked us out. Fernanda Cohen knows how to throw a party. Epilogue: Tangible energy and spirit among our craft focused on sharing ideas, exploring new frontiers and keeping illustration alive.
Topical: For one and all