Oh, now I get it.

APRIL 17, 2008
New York Times City Section April 6, 2008
Well, it only took me 30 years but, I finally realize where I stand in (or at least, in the vicinity of) the hierarchy of art and artists. While it's not the most glamorous of situations, still, it is a relief to know where I fit in.
Working as an art studio apprentice after graduating from college, my status was made pretty clear to me: "So, college boy, 'think you can get all our lunch orders straight today?"
In grad school, I understood that my major, graphic design, fell far from the top of the pecking order of painting, sculpture & printmaking, not even in the realm of fiber, ceramics or metalsmithing, somewhere, more or less, among the gritty applied arts (gasp) of photography and architecture.
But only recently, after doing everything from the New York Times to the coffee cup on the container of Coffee Rich in your grocer's freezer, did I learn what my craft means in the broader scheme of things.
I am a (shudder) Vector-bender!
There. It's out of the bag. I will no longer hide shamefully in the shadows. Where an elevated few create Art for the ages, I form line into shape that merely serves the mundane and pedestrian requirements of (ew!) commerce. Well, if that's the case, so be it. In fact, I even wrote a little (modestly heroic) poem:
The Line
Neither static, inert, nor motionless but, a river pulsing and alive.
Meandering seaward, it weaves stories of the ages,
of just yesterday or tomorrows yet to come.
A bridge between mind and soul,
firm, steady, unwavering,
so that nothing is lost in the journey.
Line is my metier.
Daniel Pelavin
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