Large Letters

AUGUST 10, 2017

I make letterforms that are as much illustration as they are typography but, sometimes the characters are simply a shape that the illustration sits within. In the longstanding tradition of large letter postcards, here are a couple recent and a few more well-aged examples.

Left: A gently flowing river is framed in the letters of a travel decal.

Could've fooled me that this was just a travel postcard and not an illustration for the NYTimes.
The Avett Brothers welcome you from a souvenir t-shirt design.
A peek at the blueprints when there was speculation about the shape of the new World Trade Center.
When in doubt, put some pretty pictures inside some fat blocky, dimensional lettering.
The sad state of news from the state where I was born.
A very early piece done in pre-seperated flat (mostly) colors.
Apparently, something's been going on in New Jersey for 20 years. (More like 40 at this point).