Zero Days

JULY 16, 2013

Zero days is how much time you have left when a hacker finds a vulnerabilty and is able to break into your system and steal your data. This is certainly troublesome with personal data but, raises big stakes for government networks. For this reason, developers sometimes face insurmountable obstacles meeting federal cybersecurity requirements. Enter GitMachines a startup that was awarded a Knight Foundation grant for developing an all-in-one package that streamlines the verification process and lets developers focus on innovative software that automatically meets security standards.


A toolbox? Invisible protective shield? Building bocks? Kit of parts? You decide.


Following my standard procedure of panic, procrastination and last minute sketching, I somehow produced incomprehensible scribbles which laid out three possible options for this illustration for the Washington Post with much appreciation to Meredith Bowen for her patience and willing suspension of disbelief.

Annotating sketches is often a useful way of getting the point across and hedging against my artist-as-fraud syndrome.

Trying so hard to keep it simple and let the icons do their job.

The final piece: all the necessary elements connected like the parts of a plastic model kit.