Year end roundup

DECEMBER 26, 2012

In a year that ran the gamut from high to low and back, a frenetic few months left me little chance to post so, here is a roundup of a few jobs that didn't make me want to kill myself.

When the lights went out in Mumbai

Nothing is more fun for me than a job with a quick deadline. The less time to torture myself with procrastination, the better. This one came in on Monday afternoon and needed to be done before I went to bed Tuesday evening, time enough for a short panic, quick rough, and 7 hours of noodling.

My first shot at color before a few "modest" adjustments for the final cover.
Balancing all the elements in greyscale always helps me to put the composition in place before I try not to ruin it with color.
A solid day of fiddling around reduced to four panels.
The single sketch for this job, in place as a template underlay.

Imbibing Blindly on an Alcoholic Adventure

Some clever copywriting and equally creative art direction gave me this chance to do fake beer, whiskey and wine labels that spelled out the headline for a spirited article.

OK, try and remember what you see here. "Our editor wants them to look more like real labels I would say more texture, pattern and detail would help.".
Can you spot the differences?
The "winning" roughs.

Winter Escapes

More multiple labels, this time in the genre of ski resort tags.

Once again fulfilling my youthful dreams of being a successful counterfeiter.
Compulsion is wanting to go back and finish some of the also-rans.

Farmer Approved

I tightened up this cover with a great big wrench and added sparks courtesy of an MIG welding apparatus.

It's not often you can get away with galvanized background.
From rough sketch to tight comp.
None of the roughs was exactly spot on. Final was an adaptation of sketch D.

Film Noir redux

And finally, a sultry, spirited "Spellbound" to accompany the enchanting Krysten Ritter.