The Year in Numbers

DECEMBER 26, 2011

Apple, mango and blueberries made a passable morning treat for the home-for-vacation Pelavin sisters but, a trip to Gourmet Garage is clearly in the offing if we are to survive the suspension in the limbo that is the last week of the year.


Meanwhile, this recent job which passed without too much fanfare a few weeks ago was published today so, I can show it here. In my continuing efforts to go out on a limb with too much detail but, bring it back home at the last minute, I channeled the spirit of enameled signs.

A technique made possible by today’s evolving illustration tools: the word “Data” drawn in singler-stroke, fleshed out with Illustrator’s line width tool then, expanded and refined to an analog of calligraphic pen or brush lettering.

I can see what's going on here and actually envision the finished art from any one of these sketches, however, there's always that moment when even the most confident AD asks, “are you going to show me something a little tighter?”

In the sketchbook, my goal is to get loose enough to let the ideas flow but, not waste space on the page.