Mock, faux or sham, you decide.

NOVEMBER 14, 2010

...or is imitation the sincerest form of Flaherty?

       I once read an article by a designer, who shall remain (relatively) anonymous, railing against the use of clichés and platitudes, in a tedious screed designed to look like a dictionary of all the "overused" ideas to avoid. How interesting, I thought, to decry the fundamental building blocks of communication.

       Whether as an out-and-out forger or as one simply taking advantage of shared meaning, I've often shamelessly strip-mined that past for a solution to an assignment. Herewith an collection of strangely familiar images.

       In an amusing epilogue from our "practice what you preach" department comes the announcement of a brand new book by our totally original young designer which features a stunning typographic masterpiece composed entirely of pasta. Now, who would have ever thought of that?

Meanwhile, if something works one once, why not give it a second (or third) chance?