This years' best business books

OCTOBER 12, 2010
Deviant management was the popular strategy this season.

For a commission for Strategy + Business' annual book review issue, the fun part was reading 80 pages on scintillating topics like leadership strategy, management techniques and human capital. The happy result: a suite of illustrations carefully drawn, meticulously rendered and then, intentionally obliterated by scans of random textures created with my brand new Speedball soft rubber brayer.

It was a comparatively big job, comprising illustrations for the entire issue as well as titling typography for the main sections. Yes, I was terrified, as I typically am, when I sent my scribbly rough sketches but, they came back with cogent editorial comments and approvals. Yes, I was terrified when I sent  finished art but, squeaked through with nothing more than a modest request to "amp the color up a bit."

Herewith a few of the illustrations that I hate the least.

Human Capital: Keeping employees connected makes the best use of their capabilities.

Leadership: "Failure to Lead" was the dominant theme.

Human Mind: Understanding the complex pathways of thinking and reasoning.

Biography: Profiles of fabled leaders

Working from highly detailed and complete sketches makes the process of creating the finished illustrations a breeze.