Più inutile non si può

JUNE 14, 2010

As previously mentioned, one of my main inspirations for getting into this drawing gig in the first place was to make things that looked authentic or "like the real thing." So, when invited to do a parody of a soap box for the cover of Internazionale, it was with delight that I drew upon my experience as a counterfeiter. For an article about the GNP (gross national product or, "Pil" in Italian) no longer being a good indicator of the general well-being of a nation, I was asked to use the initials prominently on the faux package. The editors really liked a rip-off of the Brillo package I had done for Richard Demler at Time Out New York. I eschewed my normal practice of waiting until the last minute and dribbling out a bunch of incomprehensible doodles and, instead, waited for the absolute last minute and went directly to finished art. I got so into the project that I ended up doing four complete covers. Recognizing that this was not the most time-efficient way of working, I realized that, rarely am I doing an assignment just for the money. Man I love this job!

BTW, Più inutile non si può translates to: "cannot be more useless."  

The first, second and third runners-up. All icons of beloved household cleaning products.

A potpourri of familiar images co-opted for other purposes.