The Paris Gift Show

OCTOBER 8, 2012

After nearly two years of designing, redesigning and creating hundreds of 3D renderings to show what it might look like, it was kind of nice to see the actual stuff on display at Maison&Objet, the Paris gift show (if only in absentia unfortunately).


Wondering what this all means? Here's some history to bring you up to date.

From the top shelf down, the candles, three-piece soaps, bath soaps in tins and liquid soaps in pump dispensers.

Several shots of a tiny but, efficient display.

More product, all lined up and ready to join the world of luxury bath products.

Soap, soap and more soap but, check out the nifty porcelain soap dishes lower left corner.

The scented air fresheners and, in the background, a rather rustic-themed display fixture for the lip balms.

To identify fragrances in authentic deco perfume bottles cast from original molds, labels in cloisonné.

The hand cream with some ambitious foil stamping on the carton.